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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Plywood and styrofoam and homasote - Oh my!

It's pretty late at night, so this is just a quick post to jot down a thought before I forget. I got to thinking that when I get a little further along, my layout will have a really neat feature: it is essentially three layouts in one: a modular layout with two modules, each 2' x 4'; a shelf layout with shelves along two walls; and a basic oval although not quite 4' x 8' (closer to 4' x 6'). It also will comprise several base materials (pink foam board, homasote, good old plywood, and shelving a.k.a. particle board). It should be fun to document the progress! I've got the pink foam installed already and will get a picture posted soon, as well as that diagram I promised earlier.

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